Atari Head Office

Colour and creativity

An interactive, playful space for an interactive, playful company.

Atari Australia, an interactive entertainment company, was referred to BSA for the development of a design for their new head office facilities at Redfern in Sydney. The brief was to provide a dynamic and inspiring environment with visually creative and colourful accommodation consisting of offices, workspaces, breakout zones and gaming rooms.

Attention to detail was one of the key elements in creating this new gaming head office. The use of dynamic architectural elements served to reinforce the playfulness of the spaces, while creating definitive work zones within the overall office envelope. BSA took inspiration from early computer game pixel combinations and used this to apply colour variations throughout the space.

Interaction between the client and architect was particularly inspiring and beneficial, ensuring an excellent and striking outcome. The design of the new head office layout was to provide a template for future expansion however BSA have now been engaged to develop new accommodation required as a result of their merger with Bandai Namco.

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