Fairfield Business Hub

The Fairfield Business Hub project saw the conversion of an existing Council owned library building at Barbara Street Fairfield to a collaborative and dynamic co-working hub to support networking and cross pollination of ideas in the Community. This new hybridised space would provide community members with a backdrop from which to work, within a calm and minimalistic environment. Biophilic design elements and increased glazing penetration were emphasised to blur the line between internal and external surroundings. The new hub was a space to meet, socialise and gather within not just the business-minded community, but also the Fairfield community at large. Post Covid-19 Pandemic, the space hoped to provide a space to work, outside of working from home. The new hub encourages the redevelopment of strong community bonds, interaction and collaboration.



Initially concepted by Studio Hollenstein, Burtenshaw Scoufis oversaw Develop Design, Full Documentation and Construction. Completed in 2021, the new Business Hub saw the full strip out of the existing building including modification to the façade, new flexible furniture, modern sustainable finishes and flexible technology solutions. Functional resources include an open co-working space, collaborative zones, informal works areas, meeting rooms, a kitchen, back of house area, recording studio, green screen room, amenities, reception, large community room and outdoor seating area.